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Running an online business doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Many people assume that between web design costs and merchant account rates, obtaining credit card processing solutions can require a lot of money. There are plenty of affordable website providers – Weebly, WordPress and Wix come to mind – that have custom, easy to build templates that enable e-commerce merchants to launch quickly.

And with a credit card merchant account with affordable rates from Instabill, that fear is put to rest.

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If you’re ready to find out more about how our merchant accounts can help you improve your online business, just contact a representative today at 1-800-530-2444.

We mean that.

Instabill merchant account managers prefer to have an introductory phone call to first decide whether our acquiring banking partners can offer you a solution, and which acquirer is the best fit for your industry. We work with merchants in more than 75 industries, and we are well versed on which banks work best with which industry.

Our merchant account application process is fast and completely free. In fact, Instabill charges no fees unless we can get your business accepting transactions via your website. Click the button above or contact us directly by phone to get started.

What Is A Third Party Credit Card Merchant Account?

A third party merchant account is a payment processing solution available to businesses around the world. It involves registering for a service with a third party company to accept e-commerce credit card payments on your behalf. Before distributing your money, however, they keep a certain percentage. These are also known as “free merchant accounts.” While these are useful in a tight spot, they are not a preferred method of payment processing.

High Risk Solutions From Instabill

With the introduction of online shopping in the late 1990s, Instabill came to prominence in the UK as one of the first online credit card processors for e-commerce businesses. In our early days, we provided online payment solutions in the industries of gambling, adult and dating – three industries for which we have affordable, reliable solutions today.

Our high risk merchant accounts are perfect for e-commerce businesses looking to accept payments for their goods or services online. We can match qualified merchants with one of our offshore acquiring bank partners to deliver completely customizable processing solutions at affordable rates. Visit our offshore merchant accounts page for more information.

Instabill long established itself as a reliable affordable high risk merchant account provider. Since 2014, Instabill has consistently been named among the best high risk merchant services providers from industry experts such as, Merchant Maverick and Merchant Negotiators.

We feel our preference for direct contact and our candidness with merchants and partners has solidified our reputation.

Tax-Free Merchant Accounts

Depending on individual merchant qualifications, a tax-free merchant account can save merchants a great deal of money and stress. While it is a good immediate solution for high risk startups, larger and established businesses may want to seek out their own credit card merchant account. There are many high risk and offshore merchant accounts that offer some unique benefits—and while these may not be totally tax-free, merchants could qualify for some tax breaks and generous volume caps. Contact an Instabill merchant account specialist for more information.