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High risk merchant account solutions from Instabill

High Risk Merchant Account Services: Your Search Stops Here!

Find the Best High Risk Credit Card Processing Solutions Now

While all e-commerce merchants need a merchant account to process online credit card transactions, not all of them have a fair chance. Especially high risk merchants.
That’s where Instabill comes in.

Our custom high risk merchant account services are designed to help high risk merchants find the best payment processing options for their retail and e-commerce businesses. Through a diverse network of domestic and offshore banking partners, we can help your business earn a fast approval and start accepting online credit card payments.

Instabill: A renowned high risk merchant account services provider

Each year, Instabill ranks among the top high risk credit card processors for several services, including diverse payment solutions for high risk merchants; outstanding customer support; transparency in marketing tactics, fees and contract details; few complaints and its ‘A’ grade from the Better Business Bureau. In 2018, the honors continued, and we expect more of the same in 2009:

  • CardPaymentOptions.com — Best High Risk Merchant Accounts (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Merchant Maverick — 4 out of 5 starts (2017, 2018)
  • MerchantNegotiators.com — Best International Merchant Services Providers (2018)

 How Can I Lower My Risk Profile?

An e-commerce business is often labeled as such for a number of reasons: industry type, high volume or a high chargeback rate.

  • Reduce Chargebacks: Merchants can lower chargebacks by improving their customer support, delivery time or improve their sales scripts to reduce pressure on a customer. View our blogs for solutions to prevent chargebacks.
  • High Volume Solutions: For high volume merchants, opening multiple merchant accounts is the solution to a lower risk profile. Multiple merchant accounts enable a merchant to allocate sales to different accounts, therefore cutting your monthly volume.
  • E-Commerce Security Solutions: Added security measures also lower a merchant’s risk profile. Instabill offers its merchants the option of 3D Secure processing, SSL certificates and MaxMind fraud protection.
  • Multiple Merchant Accounts: For merchants who near the 1 percent of sales/100 chargebacks per month threshold, or risk exceeding volume limits, applying for a second merchant account — or multiple merchant accounts — is a viable solution to ease the stress of high volume and chargebacks.

Need a High Risk Merchant Account?

Need credit card processing services? Need online payment solutions? Instabill is always eager to help merchants find the payment processing they need, regardless of risk level. Take a look at some of the e-commerce industries we work with for more specific information, or contact a live merchant services specialist to apply now.

6 Reasons Why Instabill is the Right Choice

First and foremost, we value live, one-on-one conversation about the payment processing possibilities for your business. Most important, Instabill charges nothing until you begin processing transactions. We offer many benefits as well, including:

  • No large upfront deposits
  • No excessive setup fees
  • Unrestricted merchant processing sales turnover
  • Don’t charge double-digit discount rates.
  • Live customer support
  • Large network of banking partners

Offshore Processing Solutions

As a high risk merchant, your best option may be to find an offshore bank that will provide you with a merchant account. Some of the benefits include:

  • Generous monthly volume caps
  • Low rates
  • Possible tax breaks
  • Fast payouts
  • Multi-currency processing
  • Tend to be more liberal than domestic merchant accounts

Instabill is partnered with a wide range of international and offshore banks eager to take on new clients. When you submit an application for a high risk merchant account at Instabill, our merchant account managers match you with an acquiring bank that will give you the best merchant account for your business.

Payment Gateway Integration

Instabill prides itself on having built a large, diverse network of domestic and offshore banking partners which specialize in high risk industries. Upon approval for your high risk merchant account, you will integrate your website with the recommended payment gateway by your acquiring bank. All customer payments submitted on your website will enter the appropriate payment gateway for processing, and will then be submitted to your merchant account.

Startups Welcome

No prior payment processing history? Not a problem.

Many acquiring banks decline new e-commerce businesses because they deem them to be too risky. However, we accept applications from startup businesses and work to match them with an acquiring bank that will allow them to accept credit card payments online.

E-Commerce and Retail Accepted

Instabill can provide payment solutions for a variety of merchants’ needs for both retail and e-commerce businesses. If you have a storefront business and a website on which you’d like to sell your products, read about our retail merchant accounts and our internet merchant accounts. Though known as a high risk merchant account provider for e-commerce businesses, Instabill is partnered with acquiring banks which furnish the latest point-of-sale devices, including mobile EMV-ready solutions.

Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) Solutions

A MOTO merchant account enables merchants to accept credit cards by manually entering them into a payment gateway by means of a virtual terminal. Instabill provides free use of its virtual terminals for qualifying merchants, but recommends such merchants have a website detailing precisely what product or service their website is selling.