SSL Certificates

SSL certificates with Instabill

SSL Certificates Through Instabill: Secure Merchant-Consumer Interaction

Defend your data against breaches and hackers

One of the biggest threats to e-commerce merchants and online shoppers today is credit card fraud. While technology is constantly improving to defend against data breaches and hackers, merchants must take every step possible to secure their business and make their customers feel safe. Secure Socket Layer—or SSL—processing is one way you can make your payments page more secure against fraud. And if you qualify for one of our merchant accounts, we can help you get SSL certificates for your website.

How SSL Processing Works

Installing SSL certificates on your website is easy, and once installed, your site will look practically seamless.

When a customer visits your site, your server establishes a secure connection between your website and the customer’s browser. A tiny padlock will appear next to your website’s URL, letting the customer know your site is protected by an SSL certificate. Your web address will always begin with “https,” and will usually appear in green or blue text.

Whoever is viewing your page can click on the padlock symbol and actually view the details of your SSL certificate, giving them peace of mind. When a customer knows they are on a secure website, they will feel more comfortable entering their payment information for your product.

SSL Certificates Through Instabill

We work with our qualifying merchants to install SSL certificates on their websites. If you already work with us and are interested in obtaining an SSL certificate, our expert tech team will be able to assist you.

The installation process is quite simple for IT personnel. If you have a webmaster, they will be able to install the certificates in no time. If you do not have anyone with the proper knowledge employed at your company, a member of our tech team can assist you. To get started, here’s what you will need:

  • Your name
  • Your company information
  • Type of server you use
  • Database language
  • Certificate Signing Request

After you install your SSL certificate, your site will be more secure and better equipped to process transactions! SSL certificates are good for 1-3 years. When your certificate expires, all you have to do is request a renewal.

To learn more about SSL certificates and how Instabill can help, contact one of our merchant services experts today.