MaxMind Fraud Prevention

Maxmind fraud protection from Instabill

MaxMind Fraud Prevention: Peace of Mind Against Fraud

Using geolocation and patterns to protect e-commerce merchants

As an e-commerce merchant, maintaining your business’s security can be a daunting task. There are credit card fraud, identity theft and other types of fraud that threaten hard-working businesses worldwide. At Instabill, we consider protecting your business to be greatly important. Our PCI compliant payment gateway helps to a degree, but all businesses must make sure their data is 100% secure. That is why we recommend MaxMind Fraud Prevention services to qualifying merchants.

How MaxMind Fraud Prevention Works

Credit card fraudsters have become more sophisticated through the years, and so has MaxMind’s fraud screening system. As an acclaimed industry leader of geolocation and online fraud prevention, it uses a comprehensive checklist that identifies the customer as the true cardholder and can easily spot trends and patterns in credit card fraud and scams. MaxMind Fraud Prevention services include:

  • High risk IP address checks
  • Email scanning
  • Post-query analysis
  • Access to MaxMind’s minFraud Network
  • GeoIP address location checks

Using the minFraud Network

As part of its services, MaxMind created the minFraud Network as a way to quickly spread information about suspicious activity. As a MaxMind member, you can access the network to find reported fraudulent transactions and prevent hackers or fraudsters from targeting you. Every time a fraudulent transaction is reported, MaxMind obtains the details of the transaction and makes it available to its members. This way, you will be able to spot fraud activity within your business.

GeoIP Address Location Checks

Perhaps one of the best features of MaxMind Fraud Prevention, the GeoIP address location checks enable you to see customers and shoppers, and where they’re coming from. You can produce data in real time to view activity by country, region, or city, with the ability to narrow down by IP address or activity type.

Fight Fraud Today–Get MaxMind

MaxMind Fraud Prevention provides great services to business owners who need an anti-fraud solution. At Instabill, we highly recommend taking advantage of MaxMind’s technology to secure your business.

To learn more about MaxMind, or to apply for one of our merchant accounts, simply contact us online today, or call 1-800-318-2713.