Answers to the Popular Payout Questions

Questions about payouts answered by Instabill

Find Answers To Your Payout Questions With Instabill

How do we receive confirmation that an order has been placed on our website?

This is among the most popular payout questions. Any customer that inputs a transaction for approval will be assigned a sequential sales order number from our system, whether they are approved or declined. E-mails are sent automatically to the merchant. In addition, if you lose an email or unable to retrieve it, our online merchant accounts reports capture all information about the transactions stored by sequential sales order #’s. That way you will see any order you are missing.

How do you handle credits and refunds to customers?

All credits/refunds are handled by Instabill. These will occur if the merchant accounts holder is unable to deliver a product or service, has over-charged or agrees to refund a customer. Details about the transaction are sent to Instabill and we will process a refund/credit to the cardholder. A credit or refund can only be done for a transaction processed through our system. The amount cannot exceed the original dollar amount.

I haven’t received my wire transfer this week. What do I do?

Contact our Finance Department via email at [email protected] with your inquiry, or any payout questions, including your banking instructions and amount in question. We will respond as promptly as possible and always within 24 hours.

I’m looking for an offshore merchant account to supplement my domestic/local merchant account. My domestic bank pays me out daily or three days in arrears. Can Instabill’s offshore services pay me out with these terms?

Yes. Daily payouts are permissible for certain merchants’ credit card processing. Payout schedules are determined on a case by case basis by our banking partners.

If I change my banking information, can I still receive wires?

Yes. Please contact Instabill’s Finance Department and request a Bank Change Form. After filling it out, return it to our Finance Department as soon as possible with any changes recorded. We are happy to answer any and all payout questions.

If the process is less than the minimum monthly amount, can I still get paid?

Yes. However, whenever this happens, the payout schedule will be pushed back to the next payout cycle, assuming that the processing minimum will be met by that time.

In my agreement, it reads that, for my high risk business, I will be paid two weeks in arrears. What does that mean exactly?

Your merchant acquiring bank will withhold payouts for two weeks prior to releasing a payout for merchants. This means that the payouts received by a merchant are their earnings from the period ending two weeks prior.

What happens if I don’t ship items for which a customer has paid?

You will not be paid out. You must supply customers with products/services before payment is rendered. If you attempt to wait for payment prior to shipping out a product, your account will be disabled.

If I decide to close my business, will I still get paid?

Yes. A payout schedule will be issued based on the terms of your agreement.

Why does an IP address get blocked?

When there are multiple declined attempted transactions or a fraudulent transaction from a certain IP address, the bank will block the address from any transactions. The bank does this to protect you, the merchant, from experiencing fraudulent transactions, which ultimately limits your chargeback exposure.