General Questions

General questions answered by Instabill

Find answers to frequently asked general questions about Instabill below:

Instabill takes pride in being able to answer your questions quickly and in a professional manner. As a leader in the High Risk Industry for more than ten years, we have built a solid and robust knowledge base which we are pleased to share with you.

How long has Instabill been processing credit card transactions for internet merchants?

Instabill has been processing internet payments since 2001, and many of our merchants have been with us since our inception.

What is the best way to contact you if I encounter any problems?

The first place and best way is to use the form on our Contact page.


Do you accept both electronic and physical delivery merchants?

Yes, in many cases our merchants will offer both electronic download and physical delivery of products or services from their sites.

Does the merchant’s website need to be hosted in Canada or the United States?

No. You may have a website in which ever country you wish. You will simply be hyper-linking to us for the secure, on-line credit card processing, so whether your site is across the road or halfway around the world makes no difference to us!

Your office is listed as being located in the U.K., but sometimes my calls are routed to your U.S. office. Why is that?

Instabill’s customer service and sales departments are located in the US.