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Telemarketing merchant accounts by Instabill

MOTO Credit Card Processing For Telemarketing Agencies

Merchant Account and Virtual Terminal Solutions

As a telemarketing merchant, you know how difficult it is to convince a customer to send you a check. Next, you have to wait for it to arrive in the mail and then you have to hope that the check does not bounce. To increase your sales and enable your business to grow, you need to accept credit card transactions online or over the phone. To do this, you will need a telemarketing merchant account with access to a secure virtual terminal—and Instabill can help you get them!

Apply for a Telemarketing Merchant Account with Instabill

Telemarketing merchants who apply for a telemarketing merchant account and virtual terminal with Instabill will be able to accept credit card transactions online as well as over the telephone. To qualify for the virtual terminal, you will need to provide your merchant account manager with strong credit card processing history as well as a complete merchant account package. Call us toll-free at 1-800-318-2713 today or contact us online to learn more about our telemarketing merchant account services, payment gateway, and virtual terminal.

Telemarketing Credit Card Processing Options

With Instabill, you will receive a variety of telemarketing credit card processing options. From multi-currency merchant accounts that allow you to accept USD, GBP, and Euros to multi-card solutions that allow you to accept Visa and MasterCard transactions, you can customize a merchant account to fit all of your business’s credit card processing needs.

Telemarketing Industries We Serve

Instabill serves businesses in a wide range of industries that operate telemarketing agencies. Industries we work with include:

  • PPI Claims
  • Collection Agencies
  • SEO Firms
  • Advertising Agencies
  • B2B Telemarketing Agencies
  • B2C Telemarketing Agencies
  • Cold Calling Telemarketing Agencies

Instabill is able to work with all businesses that have a genuine need for a telemarketing merchant account. Call us today for a free phone consultation to see if you pre-qualify.

Website Requirements for Virtual Terminal Access

In order to gain access to the Instabill virtual terminal, you must have a functioning website. You must also meet all of Visa and/or MasterCard’s website requirements. However, merchants looking only for MOTO credit card processing services will have fewer, more basic website requirements to meet. Contact an Instabill merchant account manager for more information.

Integrate with the Instabill Payment Gateway

Once your acquiring bank approves you for a merchant account, you will need to integrate your website to the Instabill payment gateway. This will connect your server to our server and allow you to accept PCI-compliant, secure credit card transactions online or over the phone. Our in-house team of technicians is here to help you integrate if you encounter any problems.

Telemarketing Merchant Accounts: Domestic and Offshore Solutions

Instabill provides both domestic and international merchant account solutions to telemarketing businesses. With an international merchant account, we can help you incorporate in the country of your acquiring bank. International merchant accounts for telemarketing businesses will also provide you with more currency options, including Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Japanese yen, and Swedish krona.

Additional Telemarketing Merchant Services

Instabill truly is your one-stop shop for merchant services. Along with providing telemarketing merchant accounts, we can also help you obtain an SSL Certificate and PCI Compliance as well as educate you on how to prevent and dispute chargebacks. Our expert customer support specialists will promptly answer all of your questions as well as your customers’ questions in a friendly, professional manner and they will even help you prevent fraudulent purchases by monitoring your transactions.