Cosmetic Jewelry Merchant Accounts

Cosmetic jewelry merchant accounts by Instabill

Cosmetic Jewelry Merchant Accounts: Fast Payment Processing Solutions

Credit Card Processing Services for Jewelry Sites

Whether you sell jewelry in a store or online, you will need a high-quality payment processing solution to accommodate your customers. With Instabill’s cosmetic jewelry merchant accounts, you can find the credit card processing solutions you need to properly run your business.

If you’re ready to apply for one of our cosmetic jewelry merchant accounts, simply click the button above to get started. If you’ve come to find credit card processing for your clothes or fashion business, check out our online apparel merchant accounts.

Multi-Currency Processing

Instabill’s merchant accounts come with a multi-currency processing feature that enables qualifying businesses to accept different types of money. No matter what your domestic currency is, you can receive payments in US dollars, British pounds, euros and more.

E-Commerce and Retail Payment Solutions

For cosmetic jewelry merchants, you either need online or in-store credit card processing solutions or perhaps even both. If you’re a merchant based in the US, you may qualify for our retail merchant accounts. However, we can provide online solutions for merchants based all around the world.

Payment Gateway Integration with Your Acquiring Bank

With your cosmetic jewelry merchant account, your new acquiring banking partner will connect your website with its payment gateway, after which you can begin to accept payments online. Our banking partners offer a seamless integration, a variety of shopping carts and multi-currency processing.

Free Merchant Account Application

The merchant account application at Instabill is free. With just a few minutes and some details about your business, you can submit an online application for one of our merchant accounts. Once we receive your application, a member of our merchant services team will begin to qualify you for an account, and work to match you with the perfect acquiring bank. In all, you could start accepting credit card payments in as little as 3-4 business days.