Adult Credit Card Processing

Adult credit card processing with Instabill

Adult Credit Card Processing For E-Commerce Merchants

Domestic, Offshore and International Solutions

If you own an adult business, you already know how tough it is to find affordable and reliable adult credit card processing services. Traditional acquiring banks consider you high risk and throw up a red flag as soon as they identify your industry. However, high risk does not have to mean hard times. Start processing credit cards online in as little as one week with Instabill adult merchant accounts.

Adult Credit Card Processing for Startups and Existing Businesses

Instabill provides adult credit card processing solutions to both startups and existing businesses. Our rates are competitive and affordable. For an instant merchant account quote, call us toll-free at 1-800-318-2713. Our merchant account experts will answer your questions and send you a free adult merchant account application.

Prohibited Adult Content

Instabill works with many different adult merchants that provide a variety of goods and services, including streaming videos, live webcams, toys, and novelties. However, we are unable to work with businesses that have the following prohibited adult content.

  • Hypnosis
  • Bestiality
  • Extreme Violence
  • Child/Underage Pornography

Domestic, offshore and International Solutions

Instabill has a large network of acquiring banks that offer adult merchant accounts. Whether you are looking for an onshore, offshore, or international merchant account, we can match you with the perfect acquiring bank that will help your business grow and succeed.

Adult Payment Gateway

If you are looking for a PCI compliant, safe, and secure payment gateway, then Instabill has it. Our adult payment gateway makes managing online transactions a breeze. For qualifying merchants, our gateway supports recurring billing solutions so you can offer subscription-based services, such as adult dating and membership sites. Learn more about Instabill’s adult payment gateway.

Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing

Our payment gateway supports adult credit card processing in more than 160 currencies, allowing you to reach more customers in their local currency. Adult merchants processing with Instabill will also benefit from payouts in 18 major currencies to the bank of their choice. Our payouts are on time, every time.