Casino Merchant Account Solutions

Casino merchant account solutions by Instabill

Online casino and gaming merchant accounts tend to offer huge possibilities for revenue and return. Most merchant account providers become skeptical towards casino/ gaming merchants as they are not only high risk but are also capable of posing a problem later with high volume sales, potential chargeback, refunds, and frauds etc.

Why our Gaming Merchant Accounts differ from others

Unlike Instabill, many merchant account providers charge unnecessarily high fees for gaming merchant accounts. At Instabill, we realize the importance of your business and that is why we offer high risk offshore merchant accounts for casino/gambling, adult, pharmacy, travel and other such businesses.

What our Offshore Casino Merchant Account Solutions Offer

Our casino/gaming merchant accounts offer:

Safe Transactions – we offer our offshore casino merchant account customers various solutions for their transaction processing.  Negative databases with customer card holders spending habits and trends, address verification, and CVV2 authentication.

Protection against Fraud – at Instabill we have the best tools that provide protection against fraud and credit card scam.

Credit Card Processing Tools and Software – gaming merchant account holders can now use their personal computers to process major credit card transactions and deposit payments to their accounts.

Cost Effective and Real Time Processing Solutions – our offshore casino merchant accounts offer real-time and cost-effective solutions that help save your time and money.

Secure Servers – gaming merchant account holders, like other high risk merchants have secure SSL encrypted servers that provide extra protection to customers against all kinds of scam and fraud.

Online Reporting – casino merchant account holders, like other high risk merchant account customers, can view transaction reports online.

Secure Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway – our payment gateway provides users with a virtual terminal that allows hosting terminals for multi-user networking and merchants can login to a website, process credit cards and perform authorizations through secure servers.

Online Shopping Cart – casino merchant account holders can integrate the online shopping cart service on their websites.

Online Technical Support – we give our customers a 24/7 online technical and customer support.

Credit/ Debit Card Acceptance – offshore casino merchant account holders can accept all kinds of credit and debit cards like MasterCard, Visa etc.

Our company specializes in offshore casino merchant accounts as well as in other high risk merchant businesses because we understand the importance of your business!