Merchant Account Services for US

Merchant account services for US merchants by Instabill

Merchant Account Services for US Merchants

Online merchant accounts are a step forward in the business world and a positive step on the right path in the eCommerce world. Not only you, but your customers also benefit from a merchant account services for US merchants as they are able to process credit cards which are a big advantage.

US-based merchants although seem to find several payment processing options, but a majority of the retail and high risk business owners have trouble getting accepted for a high volume merchant account. Many merchant account providers like some acquiring banks refuse to take the risk of accepting many high risk businesses because of the fraud and potential chargeback involved.

What should a Merchant Account Service Provider offer for the US Merchants?

Does your Merchant Account Service Provider offer all of the following services for the US merchants?

International Merchant Accounts – perfect for the US merchants who want to expand their business beyond the geographical boundaries

High Risk Merchant Accounts – accepting all kinds of high risk merchants like online pharmacy, adult merchants, online casino/ gaming, travel, e-wallet, online dating, tobacco and cigarette industry, etc.

Offshore Merchant Accounts – offers economical advantages along with tax reduction

High Volume Merchant Account – when you know that your sales can grow more than what a normal merchant account can handle

Offshore and High Risk Credit Card Processing – being able to accept credit card payments online helps boost your business

Secure Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal – to securely process transactions online with a safe gateway and terminal

SSL Servers and 3D Secure – 3D authentication and SSL encrypted servers further help protect the merchant account payment processing

Credit Card Scam and Fraud Protection – in today’s e-commerce world fraud protection ensures safety in an otherwise fraudulent world

Recurring Billing and Online Reporting – US merchants should have the benefit of viewing transaction reports online and get recurring billing options

Cost Effective Solutions and Real-time Processing – only the right merchant account providers offer you risk management techniques along with cost effective solutions and real-time processing services for the US merchants

24/7 Technical Support and Customer Care – technical support helps build customer confidence and offers professional advice to merchants

Payment Options – various payment options like credit/debit card processing, bank wire, direct debit, ACH, ELV etc make it easier for the US merchants to manage the payments coming from their customers

Major Credit Card Acceptance – accepting all kinds of credit cards helps diversify payment options to merchants and customers alike. Merchants are able to accept all kinds of credit cards from MasterCard to Visa and others

Multi-Currency Options – being able to accept various currencies like US dollar, Euros, Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian dollars, Yen and Hong Kong dollars etc is very profitable for the US merchants as it helps them get potential customers from all around the world

Does your Merchant Account Service Provider offer you all this?

If not then opt for the one that does!

Be careful when selecting merchant account services for US merchants from any other provider. Choosing the wrong account provider can not only mess up your business but will likely destroy it.

At Instabill, we understand the importance of your business and that is why we offer all this and much more. Being able to accept credit cards and offering various payment processing solutions with your online merchant account is one of the basic needs of the US merchant and is a vital service that a merchant account provider can offer for any business. That is why we offer various fraud protection tools along with multi-currency processing, offshore credit card processing, and 24/7 customer support.