High Volume Merchant Services for US

High volume merchant services for US merchants by Instabill

Merchant Accounts for the US

Whether you own a small retail business or a large international corp., if you want to aggressively pursue professional opportunities and boost your profits, then getting yourself a merchant account should be your ultimate first choice. However, getting the right merchant account provider can prove to be a little tricky, especially for the US merchants. Do you need a low risk eCommerce account? Or a specialized high risk merchant account built around your online processing needs?

Why Some US Merchant Account Providers may shut down your account

Most companies and credit card processors make profits by taking not just a percentage of your transactions but also by charging you a slightly higher percentage on their merchant accounts. Many merchant account providers also hold on to about large percentage of your profits and use them against future returns, expecting you to pay more bucks per sale. Once your business starts requiring high volume sales, some merchant accounts are unable to support your monthly sales volume and are therefore shut down.

Merchant accounts are generally shut down if the total amount of transactions per month is higher than the preset limit given by the merchant account provider. In this way, merchants are unable to process large amounts of transactions every month. This not only hampers the growth of the business, but it might also lead to customer and potential sales loss.

Why you need an Unlimited Merchant Account

In order to avoid huge losses, the merchant account providers and credit card processing companies hold back funds and shut down merchant accounts at times. So if your sales increase by volumes, the merchant account provider might shut down your account and hold back large amounts of funds. You will be unable to transfer any money to your bank account. That is why a merchant account that allows only a limited volume is not beneficial.

Avoid Limited Merchant Accounts – What to do?

What you can do in order to avoid such mayhem is:

  • Research and ask questions to make sure you are clear on all the facts before any agreement.
  • Estimate your monthly sales and be sure about the kind of account you want. You don’t want to get stuck with a limited merchant account that might hamper your growth.
  • Do not base your decision of finding the right merchant account on low discount rates or free applications. There should be more to a merchant account than just that.
  • Read the privacy policy and all the other contracts carefully before signing or agreeing to anything.
  • Call your merchant account provider and find out about the limit of volume sales and all the other related details.
  • Ask for an unlimited merchant account, so that you are able to process more transactions.
  • Get yourself a trusted merchant account provider who provides a high volume merchant account, allowing you to process unlimited volume sales

Instabill’s High Volume Merchant Services for US

Instabill’s high volume merchant services for US merchants do not limit the merchant with the volume he can process every month unlike most banks and merchant account providers because we understand the importance of your business. Process as much as you want!

Major Benefits of Instabill High Volume Merchant Accounts

The major benefits of having an Instabill high volume merchant account include:

  • No High Volume Restrictions – Our high volume merchant services for US owners do not worry about chargeback and refunds. With 0% volume restrictions, merchants can now grow their business as they like
  • Secure Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal – with our SSL encrypted servers and fraud protection tools, merchants can rely on secure transactions
  • Real-time Payment Processing and Cost Effective Solutions – Instabill’s merchants acquire real-time credit card processing along with cost effective solutions and risk management techniques
  • Recurring Billing – used for recurring transactions
  • Online Reporting – online reporting enables merchants to view transaction reports online
  • High Risk and Offshore Credit Card Processing – we provide you with the perfect solution for all your high risk and offshore credit card processing needs
  • 24/7 Customer Care and Technical Support – Our 24/7 technical support builds customer confidence and offers professional advice
  • Acceptance of all kinds of Credit Cards – merchants become capable of accepting all kinds of credit cards. From MasterCard and Visa to various other kinds

Offering all this and much more, Instabill’s high volume merchant accounts are the best choice for merchants worldwide. We provide you with all this and much more because we understand!