Merchant Account Services

merchant-account services guide with instabill

It used to be that electronic payment processing was all about credit and debit cards, and mostly those are linked because credit card companies tend to underwrite many debit cards, allowing them to operate under one umbrella for processors. That was simple, and it didn’t really require you to track too many different payment types. There were a few major credit card companies whose brands carried most of the business, with some other niche cards in specific industries. It was easy, and merchant account services were pretty much synonymous with credit card processing.

That’s not the case today. Electronic payment methods proliferate, and businesses that want to be truly competitive need to meet their customers where they’re at when it comes to accepting payment. That means offering a selection of payment options that work for your target market, at a cost you can afford. Instabill’s full payment processing package supports all of today’s electronic payment standards, providing you with the ability to work with a broader range of customers.

  • Credit
  • Debit
  • ACH
  • ELV
  • Bank Wire Services

Supporting your business by supporting your customers is just what we do, and it doesn’t stop with our payment options.

Support More Global Currencies To Serve More Customers

Currently, our processing agreements provide access to processing in at least 25 currencies, and our team is always working to widen that access so you can reach an even bigger global audience. As it is, all of the most common trade currencies are supported, including the U.S. dollar, British pounds, Euro, Yen, Hong Kong dollars, and more. Flexibility with regard to currency means being able to take payment from customers accurately without having to set an entirely separate international pricing page. It also means getting that payment in the currency you need to manage your own cash flow. All you have to do is talk to our representatives about your needs to make your business more flexible.

Offshore Processing and Security

One of the most common questions that customers have about offshore processing and offshore merchant services is about the security of the service. It’s not hard to find entire countries where cybersecurity standards are lax enough to make electronic payments risky. Between fraudulent actors looking for customer information and those looking to access your financial accounts fraudulently, there are a lot of avenues of risk. Luckily, offshore processing is a move that increases security for most customers, by offering service that rises to the security standards of the most stringent countries where payment processing is made available. This standardizes your risk across markets and currencies, providing you with robust protection against fraud to rival even your biggest competitors.

High-Risk Businesses and Processing Security

For some companies, the risk is in the business model itself. This is especially true in creative industries. Digital delivery of goods and intangible services alike can lead to contested transactions, and often processors built to operate in lower-risk roles simply push the chargeback through, passing the cost and risk on to you and curtailing your ability to respond tactically. When you work with an international processor like us who builds plans around the industries that are prone to these risks, you have access to the tools you need to contest those chargebacks successfully by substantiating your delivery of goods or service agreements to halt fraud in its tracks.

What other companies face risks that make offshoring a valuable strategy? Well, any company that faces a real risk of political retaliation or uneven application of regulations can benefit. Depending on your location, that’s a lot of industries in different parts of the world. Sometimes, they are put into this position by contradictory legislation governing them. Just as often, though, the business is itself innocuous but its foreign ownership or investment backing makes it a political target. In those cases, a credit card processor and merchant services provider located outside the reach of the local political operators can be the key to providing customers uninterrupted service.

Talk To Our Team To Learn More

Instabill offers a range of services related to payment processing and financial transfers that serve a wide range of both public-facing companies and B2B service providers. If you’re looking for a secure way to operate in more countries to quickly scale your business, talk to one of our team members today. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can set up new service.