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Merchant solutions review by Instabill

Merchant Solutions Services Review

Merchant Solutions International is a US based merchant processing sales company. They provide merchants products and services which allow them to accept all major credit/debit cards, checks, ATM cards, electronic gift cards etc. They also offer competitive discount rates depending largely on the business profile of the merchant. Other factors they consider apart from the business profile when taking a merchant into consideration are discount rates, including deposit volumes and various authorizations etc.

Merchant Solution offers a large variety of products in order to increase customer convenience and productivity. Their product line includes names like Verifone, Hypercom, Tillsmith, Nurit, POS Software, as well as electronic gift cards, prepaid phone cards and other kinds of cellular and loyalty cards. Their services include a 24/7 customer help, on staff technical support as well as complete training.

Unlike them, Instabill offers merchant accounts along with credit card processing services worldwide. We offer merchant account services not just for retail merchants, offshore merchants, and international business owners but also for high risk merchants. Whether it’s adult, online casino/gaming, travel or the pharmacy industry, we have high risk merchant accounts for all high risk merchants. Not just that but we have so much more to offer!

Our virtual terminal and payment gateway are secure and reliable. Encrypted with the latest SSL processing and 3D Secure system our fraud protection system is top notch. Our merchants have the convenience to process multiple currencies whether it is the US dollar, Euros, Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian dollars, Yen or even Hong Kong dollars. Our processing services are not just for credit card holders but also for debit and bank wire transfers too. We are proud of having an extended network of offshore and international merchant accounts. From the UK to the US, Asia, Europe, Panama and in other overseas countries we offer merchant account services with a 24/7 customer support and real-time processing solutions. Other facilities for merchants of Instabill include cost-effective solutions, online shopping cart service, various credit card acceptance, online reporting etc.

We offer online retailing features, 3rd party merchant accounts, ACH processing and risk management techniques, especially when offering online credit card processing services to all our merchant account holders. We also provide certain tools that aid merchants in online credit card processing. At Instabill, we also have the lowest fee structure and absolutely no hidden charges at all. Our Lifetime Membership Affiliate Program now offers up to 50% commission share and monthly commission on referral sales. There is so much in just one package!

Our services and merchant accounts are trusted worldwide. So when you choose Instabill for your merchant account and credit card processing services you can be sure about getting only the best!