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Business American merchant account review by Instabill

Business America Merchant Services Review

Business America provides merchant account services in the US. They specialize in high volume, offshore and international merchant accounts. They provide recurring billing along with a gateway, virtual terminal, professional support, and services. With Business America, there are no application fees and no reserves needed.

Their offshore merchant accounts are available in Europe, Canada, Asia and the Caribbean only with multi-currency options and a 24-hour customer service. For the offshore merchant accounts Business America provides settlement twice a week for the existing bank account of the merchant, but it tends to take a lot longer to open your own offshore merchant account due to certain regulations. The offshore merchant accounts by them even have a higher transaction cost and reserves. Their high risk ACH accounts are able to process electronic checks and also offer check-by-phone transactions through a point-of-sale system employed for credit cards.

Business America’s high risk merchant accounts are less expensive and faster in the US itself. But these accounts are normally created with multiple acquirers and domestic banks through the US.

At Instabill, we offer merchant account services, not just for retail business owners and offshore merchants but also international and high risk merchants worldwide. We provide high risk merchant accounts for all kinds of businesses, whether it’s adult, online casino/gaming, travel or the pharmacy industry. We have the most reliable and secure virtual terminal and payment gateway. With the latest SSL processing and 3D Secure, our fraud protection system is top notch and guarantees safety for our merchant account customers.

Instabill provides merchants the ability to process multiple currencies, from US dollar, Euros, Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian dollars and Yen to even Hong Kong dollars and many more. We also provide processing services for credit/debit cards as well as bank wire transfers.

Our offshore and international merchant accounts have an extended network. From the UK to the US, Asia, Europe, Panama and various overseas countries we offer merchant account services with a 24/7 customer support and real-time processing solutions. Other facilities include online shopping cart service, various credit card acceptance, online reporting, multi-currency payment function, etc.

We also offer our customers with online retailing features, 3rd party merchant accounts, ACH processing, and cost-effective solutions. Instabill also has the lowest fee structure and there are absolutely no hidden charges at all. Unlike Business America, Instabill also offers a Lifetime Membership Affiliate Program that offers from 10% to 50% commission share and monthly commission.

That is why when you choose Instabill you can be sure of getting the best in merchant account services, whether you open a high risk, offshore or and international merchant account!