Advantages of Having a Merchant Account Provider

Discover the advantages of having a merchant account provider such as Instabill

What Are the Advantages of Having a Merchant Account Provider?

There are many advantages of having a merchant account provider.

A merchant account is essential for any business that is launching or has already launched a website online for commercial purposes. It is through a merchant account that businesses can accept credit cards through their websites and accept other forms of online payments. 

In the modern day, an e-commerce business would have a difficult time surviving without a merchant account, since millions of consumers use their credit and debit cards for online payments. As a merchant account provider since 2001, Instabill account managers walk merchants through the onboarding process and remain as consultants for the life of the merchant account relationship. 

A merchant account service provider has many advantages some of which are outlined below:

  • Easy payment process: Most online credit card payments are a relatively fast, easy experience. We recommend as few windows/steps and friction as possible. And to lessen the occurrence of fraud and chargebacks, a 3D secure merchant account is in order.
  • Secure payment gateway access: We know high risk industries, and we know the acquiring banks that work with them. Instabill matches merchants with the secure payment gateway of the best acquiring banks we know of for each industry.
  • More than a merchant account provider: We offer guidance and valuable content on preventing and mitigating chargebacks and fraud, as well as news on the high risk merchant account industry. 
  • Value added services: Along with a merchant account, we offer many other benefits such as 3D secure processing, check processing solutions and ACH, virtual terminal services for accepting mail-order/telephone-oder payments and affordable POS hardware solutions.
  • Offshore/International solutions: Offshore and international merchant accounts are ideal for high risk businesses, allowing for generous volume caps and the ability to open one’s doors into worldwide markets.
  • All the card brands: Having access to not only the four major card brands, but China UnionPay, JCB and the popular and local credit card brands around the world is among the advantages of having a merchant account provider.
  • Increased sales and revenue: Many merchant account service providers not only process payments online but allow your business to process high volume sales and expand their online presence.
  • One stop payment: Allows you to process payments online and offline while not having to redirect the shopper, your customer, to a different site. We also offer check solutions and alternative payment solutions for merchants who may have difficulty getting a merchant account.
  • We specialize in high risk: Arguably one of the biggest advantages of having a merchant account provider is having one that specializes in a certain portfolio. Instabill provides a reliable base from which merchants can process credit card payments. We are independent processors are more willing to take risks than traditional banks.
  • Providing all the tools to grow: You can immediately make sales allowing for increases in the customer base. All sales and customer data is securely stored allowing for customer retention.

Since every business is unique, we prefer to begin our relationships with a conversation to discuss the possibilities and find out more about you and your business. Our merchant account managers are on hand Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., US eastern time. Inquiries after business hours will be addressed the very next business day.