Asia Merchant Accounts

Asia merchant accounts by Instabill

The Many Benefits of Asia Merchant Accounts

Think of a massive, still somewhat untapped market with no ceiling.

The region that is Asia, or APAC (Asia Pacific for short), has its doors open and is filled with e-commerce opportunities. To capitalize on those opportunities, merchants need Asia merchant accounts through Instabill.

Instabill provides you with cheap merchant account solutions that offer you competitive alternatives and solutions to your payment processing needs. You do not need to have a foreign company registration or have a foreign bank account to apply for an Asia merchant account. Asia merchant accounts offer credit card processing features to merchants and financial institutions of all nationalities.

Instabill has the acquiring banking partnerships in place to enable your business to begin accepting transactions from the APAC region.

Credit Card Processing Services for All Kinds of Businesses

An Asia merchant account offers you with a credit card processing service for all kinds of high risk e-commerce businesses. These businesses can vary in nature from internet to retail, mail order/telephone order to gaming and travel to pharmacy. Our merchant accounts can handle all kinds of internet businesses that require real-time credit card processing.

Southeast Asia: A Burgeoning Market

Two years ago, we wrote extensively on opportunities in Southeast Asia, what we referred to as the PITS (Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore). Forgive the misleading moniker which bestowed upon it — the Southeast Asia e-commerce market continues to flourish. Two years ago, the online publication, Tech Crunch, declared the region (which also includes Brunei, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos and Vietnam) the next e-commerce juggernaut.

Tech Crunch based its assumption on some very convincing numbers: With a little more than half a billion citizens, there were only 158 million internet users and less than 90 million citizens who shopped online. Cash on delivery, as it is in many countries in Europe and Latin America, remains the preferred payment method among most citizens.

With internet access growing steadily however, that method is expected to change.

UnionPay, JCB solutions

Instabill has banking partners on six continents — including several in the APAC region — that can facilitate reasonable and cheap merchant account solutions for Asia merchants and those seeking to break into the Asian market. Instabill as solutions for not only the popular Asian credit card brands of China UnionPay and JCB, but brands such as Alipay, TenPay, Citrus, PayEasy and WeChat Payments.

Virtual Terminals

An Asian merchant account provides your business with virtual terminals in the form of call centers for businesses that are concern phone orders and mail orders.

Email Processing

Asia merchant accounts also have features like email processing for online businesses that do not support shopping cart facility.

Easy to Open and Convenient to Operate

An Asia merchant account is easy to open and convenient to operate, as an Asia merchant account application is quickly and easily processed. Once set up, it is easy to run and profitable.

Low Transaction Rate

A very low transaction rate is offered to Asia merchant account users. It results in a higher turnover.

Support All Currencies and Credit Cards

Asian merchant account supports all currencies and most of the credit cards. Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, Euro Card, American Express, JCB, Carte Bleue, Switch, and Solo are some of the credit cards that can be accepted on an Asia merchant account. Asia merchant accounts also support virtual invoice system. These features make online business much easier for you.

Supports All Server Platforms

You can pay your suppliers on the Internet and Asia merchant account support all server platforms.

The various number of features make an Asia merchant account a vital instrument of eCommerce if you have an online business.