Advantages of E-Commerce Merchant Accounts

E-Commerce merchant accounts by Instabill

E-Commerce Merchant Accounts: Increase Your Sales Volume Online

Instabill offers e-commerce merchant accounts in more than 90 industries

The statistics are straightforward. E-Commerce has been in a state of perpetual growth all around the globe: North America, Europe and the U.K, as well as the APAC and LATAM regions are

By the year 2020, e-commerce sales in the U.S. alone are expected to rise to 17 percent, to approximately $494,540,000. If you haven’t brought your business online yet, it is never too late. Whether you are a startup or an established e-commerce merchant with processing history in search of a new credit card processing solution, it is imperative for all merchants to identify their business needs when applying for e-commerce merchant accounts.

Luckily, Instabill’s merchant accounts are the custom, affordable solutions for anyone looking to get their start or increase their business’ presence online.

Sell Internationally with E-Commerce Merchant Accounts

There are advantages and disadvantages of selling online. One of the advantages of  e-commerce is the ability they give merchants to drive sales. Selling online gives merchants access to a potential customer base that is much, much larger than a retail-only location might have.

Advantages of e-commerce through Instabill include multi-currency payment processing, accepting payments from all corners of the globe is easy and enables you to keep receiving payouts in your native currency according to your schedule. E-Commerce merchants are also able to accept payments from the biggest names in credit card processing such as Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB International and more.

Solutions on six continents

Through our ever present goal of finding the best, most efficient payment solutions for our merchants and partners, Instabill has partnered with a major international bank to offer merchants payment solutions popular in certain regions and countries: direct debit, check solutions, familiar card brands and local, favored payments.

For example, direct debit is the consumers’ favored payment type in many European countries such as German and France while consumers in Latin and South America prefer to pay for good using local payment schemes. U.S. consumers prefer paying by credit card while cash on delivery, as well as similar variations of such, are popular throughout Europe and India.

Wherever you wish to conduct your business, Instabill has the solutions that will endear you to customers worldwide.

High Risk Merchants

If you operate within an industry that is deemed to be high risk, or your business has earned a high risk label for whatever reason, you don’t have to abandon your search for good credit card processing options. Instabill is partnered with a variety of domestic and offshore acquiring banks, giving us the ability to provide online merchant accounts to many high risk merchants.

Our domestic and international banking partners welcome high risk businesses and startups, contingent upon the following criteria:

  • Good processing history
  • Healthy financials
  • Chargeback rates under 1 percent of sales or 100 per month
  • Website with easy site map and contact information
  • Location and target market

Learn more over at our high risk merchant accounts page today.

Domestic High Risk Merchant Account Solutions

E-Commerce merchants in the U.S. may qualify for a credit card processing solution with one of Instabill’s domestic banking partners. Domestic merchant accounts can accommodate low, medium or high risk merchants at low rates. Merchants may also qualify for a mobile credit card processing solution with their U.S. acquiring bank.

We also advise e-commerce merchants to explore e-checks and other check solutions that serve online businesses well. Instabill offers an e-check solution for high risk merchants, merchants with imperfect credit or even those with MATCH list history, that comes with a PayNow button for their website checkout pages.

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The advantages of e-commerce merchant accounts far outweigh the disadvantages. If your business is prepared for a fast and compatible credit card processing solution, apply for free today. If you have questions about e-commerce merchant accounts or would like to receive a free quote, contact us online or call 1-800-318-2713 today to speak with a live representative.