Cybersource Fraud Screen: Protection Against Fraud

Cybersource fraud screen by Instabill

Cybersource Fraud Screen: Prevention Against Fraud

Cybersource Fraud Screen is out to make your e-commerce website more secure; to reduce occurrences of false positives; and to boost sales.

The fight against credit card fraud and counterfeit use of credit cards has shifted to online businesses. What spurred that shift was the migration from credit cards with the traditional magnetic stripe to those containing the microchip, long popular in Europe and Canada.

We saw a similar turn of events in Europe in the early years after the millennium, and Canada in 2008. There are very effective fraud prevention solutions, but not yet a ‘silver bullet’; a solution guaranteed to block 100 percent of fraud attempts.

Fighting fraud online has become essential, especially for online businesses and those who carry out online transactions. Every year, online credit card fraud costs billions worldwide. However, good fraud screen systems can help prevent fraud and lessen this cost.

Sophisticated and reliable, the Cybersource Advanced Fraud Screen helps in real-time fraud detection. Using the latest in advanced technology, the fraud detection system used by Cybersource lessens the fraud risk significantly. It tends to detect fraud more quickly and efficiently and minimizes risk greatly.

At times, even human reviewers are needed to manually help prevent fraud, but this is a costly task. That is why many merchants now look for software that can take decisions in order to help prevent fraud. These software solutions are capable of verifying the validity of the email from which articles are being purchased, ordered etc.

Fraud screen software can be expensive, depending upon the functions and size etc. Also, these systems need constant updates. The major advantage of using the fraud screen system is that the merchants do not have to take decisions themselves, as most of the decisions are taken by the software.

How Cybersource Fraud Screen Works

With Cybersource Fraud Screen, merchants can easily identify almost any signs of fraud and do so very accurately.

How the Cybersource Credit Card Processing Fraud Screen works:

  • After the customer has placed an order onto a merchant’s website, the merchant sends a call to Cybersource Advanced Fraud Screen (AFS)
  • Based on some of the complex decisions, the fraud screen system passes the information, processes it and returns the factors to the merchant.
  • After the merchant decides on a certain course of action based on the factor codes returned, namely:
    • The merchant feels comfortable to complete the transaction
    • The merchant has deemed the transaction fraudulent and declines
    • The merchant will put the transaction through further review
  • Cybersource Advanced Fraud Screen sends a detailed report to the merchant.

Advantages of Using Cybersource Advanced Fraud Screen:

  • Cybersource Advanced Fraud Screen provides reasons behind the return factor codes. It converts the potential transactions into sales instead of rejecting them and lowers a merchant’s instances of false declines.
  • With the fraud screen, merchants can also set custom options on which transactions should be accepted or rejected.
  • Cybersource Advanced Fraud Screen System is easy to use and reliable.
  • Cybersource credit card processing fraud screen provides regular guidance and helps increase sales and maximize revenues.