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Credit card software solutions from Instabill

The Best Credit Card Software and Hardware You Can Buy

More than ever, the payments industry is in a state of flux. In the U.S., merchants are migrating to the use of credit card software to accommodate EMV chip-enabled credit cards. Instabill can accommodate merchants of all kinds – e-commerce, mail order/telephone order (MOTO) and point-of-sale (POS) – with the quality credit card processing software they need.

Point of Sale Credit Card Processing Software and Hardware

Each of Instabill’s domestic banking partners accommodate our POS merchants with the POS hardware and software they need to be compatible with their payment gateway. Instabill’s banking partners offer POS hardware and software that can accommodate EMV credit card transactions as U.S. merchants continue migrate from swipe terminals.

Mobile POS Solution

For merchants who are mobile, who travel, setup at flea markets and spend their time largely on the go, Instabill offers the best mobile POS software solution. With domestic merchant account approval through Instabill and an account through POS technology provider CardFlight, mobile merchants can integrate with two domestic banks for EMV credit card transactions.

Instabill’s solution with CardFlight is ideally suited for ‘migrant’ merchants and those consistently on the go.

E-Commerce and CNP Options

While POS merchants will enjoy the security of the new EMV cards, e-commerce merchants should look into credit card processing software with additional security measures as the threat of CNP fraud grows.

As POS merchants large and small are migrating to EMV friendly credit card software and hardware, CNP fraud is expected to increase dramatically over the next couple years (as happened in the UK following the e-commerce boom in the early 2000s, and Canada when it migrated to EMV credit cards in 2008).

So what can CNP merchants do to protect themselves?

A recent article in the Green Sheet outlined a number of measures CNP merchants can take. Arguably the best defense a merchant can have is to outsource their payment platform as it adds another layer of security to the online checkout process. The most valuable commodity to a fraudster is time, therefore they are far less likely to pursue merchants who use multiple platforms of security.

Not all merchants can afford such credit card software, so we offer the following:

  • Invest in a web application firewall. It acts like a virtual patch should you forget to update your software.
  • Invest in the most current platforms. In researching the best e-commerce platforms, Magento, WordPress and osCommerce come highly recommended.
  • Partner with a forensic security firm. Not all reputable security firms are expensive. Find one who will play the role of attacker and test your website consistently.
  • Update, update, update: Large companies such as Apple and Microsoft have employees who act like hackers, who consistently try to penetrate their systems. When they do, Apple and Microsoft send out updates or patches, of which merchants should always take advantage.

Virtual Terminal for MOTO Merchants

Once a MOTO merchant’s website is matched with our banking partner’s payment gateway, Instabill furnishes the merchant with a free virtual terminal which enables merchants to enter credit card transactions manually and monitor such transactions. With the user management interface, merchants can offer virtual terminal privileges to other employees.

Remember the Basics

The basic security measures include PCI compliance 3.1 or 3.2, SSL certificates and 3D secure options. Of course these are not foolproof, but they are a necessity. Partner with a reputable merchant services provider which offers these basic defenses.

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