Additional Features of a Credit Card Processing Terminal

Credit card processing terminal by Instabill

What Features Does a Credit Card Processing Terminal Provide?

To provide better service to customers make sure that as a merchant your credit card processing terminal offers some of the following features:

Debit Cards

Without a doubt, merchants would prefer a card processing terminal that accepts debit cards along with credit cards. Though U.S. consumers prefer to use a credit card opposed to a debit card, debit use is still significant. In some countries (Germany), particularly in Europe, debit card use is the preferred method of payment,

Customers PIN number

In order to complete a debit card transaction, merchants also require the customers to enter their four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number). A credit card processing terminal that can provide customers a secure way to enter their code is the preferred kind.

Gift Cards

Merchants are urged to include the feature that allows the issuing and acceptance of gift cards. Between 5-10 years ago, not all card processing terminals provide this option. With the emergence, however, of gift cards and prepaid cards, this is not so much an option anymore, but a necessity.

Phone Cards and EBT

If a merchant wants to offer phone and electronic bank transfers then he must make sure in advance that his credit card processing terminal also offers this feature. By offering prepaid phone cards and EBT cards, a merchant can expand his customer base.

Address Verification System (AVS)

Such a little step can be the difference in preventing a fraudulent transaction. In order to provide additional security and to cut down on instances of fraud, most credit card accepting terminals also offer address verification system which ascertains the cardholder is the rightful person making the transaction.


Reliable credit card terminals are obviously preferred by the customers. Replacing them can be expensive (some merchants opt to lease their point of sale machiens). A good POS terminal offers an MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failure) and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) in the 2 to 4 million transaction range.

Terminal Memory

A 256k memory of the credit card processing terminal can hold about 1000 transactions. Just as important, transactions can be stored in the terminal’s memory for later verification.

Flash Memory

Operating systems age quickly. The importance of system updates cannot be overstated. Flash memory is used to store software that runs the terminal. This additional feature of the credit card processing terminal allows system updates to be easily downloaded and installed, providing a longer life to your credit card processing terminal.

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