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Searching for an acquiring banking solution that will accept adult merchant accounts will exhaust an adult content merchant.

Don’t exhaust yourself – Instabill has the acquiring banking partners in place that welcome adult content merchants with competitive solutions offshore and domestic – and rates that are fair and affordable.

What makes adult content merchants higher risk

The adult content industry is regarded as the highest of the high risk category. In obtaining adult merchant accounts, not only are merchants vetted for each of the characteristics of high risk businesses – payment processing history, chargeback rates, card-not-present payments, etc… – but also concerns such as:

  • Reputational concerns: There are certain businesses with which acquiring banks are leery about their involvement. Adult content tops the list for some, while online gambling, online dating and marijuana-related products are others.
  • Age and legal issues: There are two vital notes to take into consideration: Instances of site visitors under the age of 18 and the risk of content involving minors. Both can result in substantial legal ramifications.
  • Subscription-based services: Subscription businesses are traditionally subject to high chargeback rates.
  • High volume of transactions: High volume businesses can also mean a high volume of returns and chargebacks at the end of each month.

The best adult merchant accounts: Where to find them

Merchants in need of adult merchant accounts should turn to a merchant services provider which specializes in high risk businesses.

Instabill has been providing high risk merchant account approvals since 2001. With several domestic and offshore acquiring banking partners worldwide, our merchant account managers can assess your business model and suggest a viable, cost-effective banking solution within a 10-minute conversation.

We then provide adult content merchants with our application package and request several KYC documents. Upon receipt, we’ll present your application package and documents to the acquiring banking partner best for your business and industry, and await approval (usually five business days to two weeks).

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