Additional Features of a Credit Card Processing Terminal

What Features Does a Credit Card Processing Terminal Provide?

To provide better service to customers make sure that as a merchant your credit card processing terminal offers some of the following features:

  • Debit Cards – merchants would prefer a credit card terminal that accepts debit cards along with credit cards.
  • Customers PIN number – in order to complete a debit card transaction merchants also require the customers to enter their PIN (Personal Identification Number). A credit card processing terminal that can provide customers a secure way to enter their code is the best kind.
  • Gift Cards – merchants need to decide in advance the feature that allows the issuing and accepting of gift cards. However, not all credit card terminals provide this option.
  • Phone Cards and EBT – if a merchant wants to offer phone and electronic bank transfers then he must make sure in advance that his credit card processing terminal also offers this feature.
  • AVS – in order to provide additional security and to cut down on fraud most credit card terminals also offer address verification system, make sure that you buy only such terminals.
  • Reliability – reliable credit card terminals are obviously preferred by the customers. A good terminal offers an MCBF and MTBF in 2 to 4 million transaction range.
  • Terminal Memory – a 256k memory of the credit card processing terminal can hold about 1000 transactions. Transactions can be stored in the terminal’s memory for later verification.
  • Flash Memory – flash memory is used to store software that runs the terminal. This additional feature of the credit card processing terminal allows system updates to be easily downloaded and installed, providing a longer life to your credit card processing terminal.