The Great Thing About Placing High Risk Merchant Accounts

We are all high risk merchants.

And low risk merchants. And medium risk merchants, if such a distinction exists.

And here is why we say that: We have plenty of partners with which we accept and refer businesses for payment solutions. Many of them are competing payment processors that only work with low risk, retail or point-of-sale businesses. Occasionally, they’ll be posed with a possibly lucrative merchant, usually considered high risk, for which they are unable to secure acquiring banking resources.

The competing processor will contact Instabill to find a solution. More often than not, we have one.

Hence, the great thing about placing high risk merchant accounts: We all compete against one another. We all want businesses to come to us for payment processing. When a processor has difficulty, however, competitors become partners.

It’s a beautiful thing. And everybody wins.

A Super Massive Reason to Send Us Your Leads

The Instabill Partner Program started, similarly, with one partnership – a partnership with a low risk payment processor who couldn’t find an acquiring bank to take on a merchant, so he approached us. We had a banking relationship that gave approvals for the industry in question. We agreed on a revenue split with the partner, and a light went on.

We started contacting other competitors, agents and ISOs, letting them know if they had difficulty placing a merchant, Instabill had the resources and we would split the revenue.

Our partner program became so wildly successful, that we began to operate on a sliding scale, offering 50, 60 and 70 percent revenue sharing. Last December, we announced an increase to 60 percent and 70 percent sharing across the board:

  • 60% revenue sharing on UP TO $1 million in cumulative monthly credit card processing volume.
  • 70% revenue sharing on OVER $1 million in cumulative monthly credit card processing volume.

Payment Processing for High Risk Merchants

Presently, we work reciprocally with hundreds of partners in placing e-commerce and point-of-sale merchants in more than 90 industries. Our partners aren’t just competitors; we have other merchants that will send us business along with ISOs and agents worldwide.

Among the types of industries we can get done include:[/vc_column_text]

Business Consulting



Collection Agencies

Continuity (free trials)

Loan Services


Medical Marijuana

Multi-level Marketing


Online Gambling

Online Wine Delivery


Tech Support


Website Design/SEO

Having Difficulty Placing a Merchant?

Our merchant account managers answer the phone. Contact us directly at 1-800-318-2713, or select the live chat option below.


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