Direct Merchant Accounts

Accept Credit Cards Online with a Direct Merchant Account

Business Credit Card Processing Services

Instabill provides direct merchant account solutions to e-commerce and MOTO businesses worldwide with fast approvals. With our complete merchant services, you can customize your personal merchant account to meet all of your credit card processing needs. With our direct merchant services, Instabill helps you grow your business and increase your bottom line.

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Grow Your Business with a Direct Merchant Account

While third-party solutions like PayPal are great for startup businesses, existing merchants with solid credit card processing history have better opportunities with a custom direct merchant account from Instabill.

  • High risk and high volume solutions
  • Direct merchant accounts are cost and operationally efficient
  • Trusted domestic, international and offshore banking solutions

Learn More About Our Direct Merchant Accounts

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Instabill provides e-commerce merchants with a wide range of business credit card processing solutions. Depending on the location of your business, industry, and processing history, you will be able to accept major credit card brands, including those featured below.


Credit Cards Instabill can process


When you apply for a direct merchant account with one of our offshore or international banking partners, you can accept card payments in multiple major currencies, including US, Canadian and Australian dollars, British pounds, euros and Japanese yen. Instabill recognizes more than 160 different currencies and reach new merchants all around the world.

With a direct merchant account, our customer support staff with integrate your website with the recommended payment gateway. All customer payments submitted on your website will process through the payment gateway, and will then be submitted to your merchant account.

Through our virtual terminal, qualified MOTO merchants can accept card payments over the telephone or through mail orders. The Instabill virtual terminal will allow you to enter payment information manually into the payment gateway and process the transaction using our SSL encryption technology.

All e-commerce businesses have different direct credit card processing requirements. Instabill’s merchant account fees are based upon individual evaluations by your acquiring bank. Depending on several factors — industry type, processing history — our merchant account fees start as low as 2.5%.

Domestic merchant account or offshore merchant account — Instabill has a wealth of solutions for both and in virtually every geographical region of the world. For either option, Instabill can fulfill all of your direct credit card processing needs.