Offshore Merchant Accounts

As a card-not-present merchant working in a MOTO or e-commerce industry, you may find it difficult obtaining a merchant account with a domestic bank. Don't let this hold you back -- you have options! Instabill specializes in offshore merchant account solutions for businesses that banks consider high risk. Benefits of an offshore merchant account include:

  • Multiple currency processing 160 currencies with settlement in 18 major currencies
  • Fewer trading restrictions than with traditional, domestic banks
  • No processing volume caps
  • Qualify for tax exemptions within your business's registered country
  • Increase your target audience and earn more revenue

What Is An Offshore Merchant Account?

An offshore merchant account is a special type of account established with an aquiring bank in an offshore country that allows merchants to process card-not-present transactions. Since offshore banks have liberal underwriting policies, offshore merchant accounts make high risk payment processing easy for merchant who are having a hard time getting their applications approved by domestic banks.

Offshore countries where you may find an acquiring bank include:

Mauritius Dominican Republic British Virgin Islands
Bermuda Isle of Man Hong Kong
Belize Luxemburg Panama
Bahamas Liechtenstein Guernsey
Curacao Cyprus Jersey
Aruba Malta Cayman Islands
Seychelles Singapore  

E-Commerce Industries Instabill Serves

Banks may consider your business high risk for a variety of reasons, such as having a high chargeback rate, little or no credit card processing history, or you offer a subscription-based service. Working in a certain industry will also raise your risk profile. However, Instabill works with a wide range of offshore banking partners so we can serve even more industries.

E-commerce industries Instabill facilitates with offshore merchant account solutions include:

Adult Entertainment Forex
Casinos Gambling Penny Auctions
Computer Services Gaming Pharmacy
Credit Repair Internet Hosting Software Downloads
Dating Websites Lottery Tech Support
Electronics Male Enhancement Tobacco
Escort Services Multilevel Marketing Travel
Financial Services Nutraceuticals Weight Loss
E-Cigarettes Mail Order/
Telephone Order (MOTO)

Do I Have to Register My Business Offshore to Get an Offshore Merchant Account?

No. Since 2001, Instabill has been specializing in offshore and high risk merchant accounts, and building a trusted network of offshore acquiring banks. For businesses we believe will have great success, we'll take on the risk of offshore processing for you. Merchants processing less than $200,000 per month, per URL, can open an offshore merchant account without the hassle of registering your company offshore. When you start processing, you'll even get your own unique billing descriptor that includes your business's phone number so you can maintain your customer relationships.

If and when you know you're ready to register offshore, your dedicated merchant account specialist will be here to help you with the process every step of the way.


Applying and processing for a new merchant account is easy and takes a very short time. Send us your request by completing the application below.


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