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It can be challenging to find an adequate credit card processing solution for your adult entertainment business. Some acquiring banks are hesitant to accept adult merchants because of the legal age restrictions and controversial content, and fees usually run high for adult merchant accounts. However, with a merchant account from Instabill, you could qualify for an account with a great offshore acquiring bank at an affordable rate.

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Whether you offer streaming videos, adult novelties and toys, or another form of entertainment, Instabill could have a solution for you. Our adult merchant accounts cover most types of adult entertainment, and you could start accepting payments in as little as one week. If you are ready to maximize your business and take advantage of the many great benefits of a merchant account with Instabill, contact us online or call 1-800-318-2713 today.

Learn More About Adult Merchant Accounts

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Sell Your Product Internationally[+]

Instabill’s adult merchant accounts will allow you to sell globally, which will help you drive sales even higher. You may be able to accept credit card payments from the most popular card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, and more. If you pair this with Instabill’s multi-currency solution, you could accept payments in US dollars, British pounds, and euros, and receive payouts in your domestic currency.

Payment Gateway Integration[+]

Once your merchant account application is approved, Instabill will integrate your website with our payment gateway. You will be able to choose from more than 40 popular online shopping carts to use on your website, giving you the flexibility you need to properly run your business. The Instabill payment gateway also adheres to all PCI DSS standards, so your payment page will allow safe and secure payment processing.

Unbeatable Merchant Services[+]

Instabill’s merchant services are industry-leading and affordable. An acquiring bank could approve you in as little as three business days. Our great offshore partners will give you a reliable payout schedule so you know precisely when you will receive funds. Between our knowledgeable merchant account specialists and expert tech team, you will receive the very best merchant services throughout the life of your account.

Offshore Merchant Accounts[+]

Since adult merchants are considered high risk, the best option is to obtain an offshore merchant account. By obtaining an account with an offshore acquiring bank, you could have access to many great benefits including generous volume caps and high approval rates, as well as possible tax benefits.

Domestic Merchant Accounts[+]

Your business may qualify for one of Instabill’s domestic merchant accounts. With this option, we could match you with a great domestic acquiring bank at low rates, and you could also pursue our retail merchant account and mobile merchant account solutions to accept payments through your smartphone or tablet.


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