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High Risk Solutions for International Gambling Merchants

You need a way to accept credit card payments from players around the world, all in real-time. Instabill’s gambling merchant accounts offer you a level of service that will help your business succeed and increase profits.
Instabill got its start processing credit cards for online gambling in 2001–we know online gambling.

To find out more about Instabill’s merchant services, speak with a live representative directly at 1-800-318-2713, click the ‘sign up’ button above or use the live chat feature at the bottom of your screen.

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Approval timetable for an online gambling merchant account

Approval times for Online Gambling merchant accounts vary with each type of solution Instabill offers:

  • Offshore Online Gambling merchant account with payment processing history: 5 business days to 2 weeks
  • Offshore startup Online Gambling merchant account: 5 business days to 2 weeks

How do I get a high risk online gambling merchant account?

Whichever you prefer: Call us direct at 1-800-318-2713, Click the ‘sign up now’ box above or the live chat option to get started.

Instabill offers numerous payment processing solutions for online gambling merchants separated into four categories:

Offshore Online Gambling Merchant Accounts (with payment processing history):

  • 3-6 months of payment processing statements with company name showing chargebacks, refunds, returns and total sales.
  • 3 months of business banking statements
  • Approvals: 5 business days to 2 weeks

Offshore Startup Online Gambling Merchant Accounts

  • 3 months of business banking statements or a business banking letter
  • If no business banking statements, 3 months of personal banking statements
  • Approvals: 5 business days to two weeks

Domestic Online Gambling Merchant Accounts

Online gambling merchant account fees

Our online gambling merchant account fees are industry-competitive and affordable, and the application process is free. Once you have been pre-approved, our underwriting department will match your business with the acquiring banking partner we feel is the best fit for your needs. The bank will then process your application and determine your merchant account fees.

Your fees are contingent on several factors, such as the merchant’s processing history, type of industry (high or low risk) and/or projected sales volume. Each online gambling merchant account is different, but typical fees include:

  • Merchant Account Fee
  • Transaction Fee
  • Discount Rate
  • Merchant Account Registration Fee
  • Monthly Statement Fee
  • Chargeback Fee
  • Refund Fee

Why is online gambling considered high risk?

With the exception of Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, online gambling remains illegal by U.S. federal law. Additionally, most internet gambling sites are based offshore, leaving U.S. banks no options to providing credit card processing solutions.

Other factors contributing to its high risk label include high chargeback rates and the risk of gambling addiction, with which banks wish not to be associated.

Chargeback prevention for online gambling merchant accounts

Chargebacks can be a problem for an online gaming business. A player at an online blackjack table takes a huge loss, telephones his credit card issuer and denies the charge. It’s a he-said, she-said battle that e-commerce merchants rarely win.

Instabill provides merchants the education they need to prevent, dispute and even reverse chargebacks with its frequent blog posts on chargeback strategy.

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