High Risk Credit Card Processing for UK Merchants

High risk credit card processing for UK merchants by Instabill

High Risk Credit Card Processing for UK Merchants

Instabill has provided high risk merchant services since 2001

Not every merchant is in need of high risk credit card processing services. Keeping this in mind, Instabill makes certain that all our high risk merchant account customers in the UK get the specialized services they need.

Instabill has been one of the most sought-after high risk merchant services providers since 2001.

What Sets Our UK High Risk Merchant Accounts Apart?

What separates Instabill from its competitors is worldwide acceptance: Our high risk credit card processing ensures your business is accepted around the world. Opening a high risk merchant account with Instabill means no longer worrying about banks denying your requests due to high volume sales, chargebacks, and other high risk factors.

Popular High Risk Industries in the UK

Instabill approves a wide variety of industries for high risk credit card processing in the UK, including:

    • Online Casino/Gaming Merchants (outside the US)
    • Adult Service Providers
    • Online Pharmacy Websites
    • Travel Businesses
    • Telemarketing
    • Sports wagering
    • E-wallets/e-cash
    • Online tobacco/ cigarette

View our complete industry list.

High Risk Credit Card Processing in the UK

Credit card transactions are the most popular forms of payment in the UK while debit cards are a close second. Realizing the diversity of UK consumers, the Instabill payment gateway can process transactions in more than 160 currencies so that you can make and accept payments in your own familiar currency.

High Risk Credit Card Processing Benefits

In addition to MasterCard and Visa, Instabill recognizes many other credit cards such as JCB, China UnionPay, Diner’s Club International and more. Other benefits of partnering with Instabill include: