What Makes Instabill the Best Choice for High Risk Merchants?

Best choice for high risk merchants by Instabill

Instabill: The Best Choice for High Risk Merchants

Over 15 years of experience, your own account manager

Sometimes we’re not the first choice, but we’re pretty confident that Instabill is the best choice for high risk merchants.

Instabill began as a merchant services provider for high-risk industries in 2001 and has since expanded its list of high-risk industry solutions significantly. Instabill believes all legal, legitimate businesses deserve a fair chance to accept credit cards online, especially those working in card-not-present situations.

To get started, our expert merchant account managers engage high risk merchants in a conversation. We’ll listen to your needs and within a few minutes we’ll know if we have a solution available to you.

Our merchant account managers are available by calling 800-530-2444.

Domestic or International: A Variety of Merchant Account Options

Finding banking options for high risk merchants can be challenging. Domestic banks often refrain from dealing with high-risk industries, and when they do, they may impose heavy restrictions and steep fees and can be unpredictable.

Sometimes, the best choice for high risk merchants is to find an offshore or international bank to take on his business.

Instabill partners with many banks – domestic and offshore – and our merchant account managers are committed to finding solutions for your e-commerce business. Through our offshore banking partners, Instabill has  accommodated many international high risk merchants and helped their businesses thrive.

Another popular high risk option is opening multiple merchant accounts which enable merchants to disperse sales in order to reduce monthly volume.

15+ years of providing e-commerce merchant accounts

From cigars to e-cigarettes, pharmaceutical to nutraceutical: Instabill offers high risk merchants credit card processing for all major brands in more than 80 high-risk industries. Having planted our roots as a provider for the online dating, online gambling and adult content industries laid the foundation for many other high risk businesses such as bitcoin, multilevel marketing and various travel-related industries.

See all industries Instabill supports.

Live Support Committed to the Success of Your Business

Instabill wants to see your business succeed. When your business is seamlessly processing transactions, we all win.

Instabill merchant account managers partner with businesses for the life of the account and are available for consultation Monday through Friday (8 a.m.-6 p.m. U.S. eastern time). We do not employ automated messages or feign 24-hour support with call centers. Our merchants and partners speak directly with a live merchant account manager. Inquiries received after business hours will be addressed the very next business day — guaranteed.

Merchant Account Fees: Not Until You Begin Processing Transactions

Processing with Instabill means no large up-front deposits, no application fee, reasonable set-up costs and no restrictions on sales turnover.

When we receive an inquiry, we anticipate the first question: ‘What do you charge for fees?’

There is no concrete figure or answer because each merchant account is unique. The fees a merchant might pay are contingent on many factors, such as:

  • A merchant’s processing history
  • Type of industry
  • Chargeback rates associated with industry
  • Merchant account type — offshore or domestic
  • E-Commerce, MOTO or POS

Instead, we engage prospective merchants in a 10-minute conversation to find their needs. We then take it to the best acquiring banking partner we know of for said industry, and await an approval.

Security and Fraud Prevention

One of Instabill’s priorities is to assist its merchants in reducing fraudulent credit card use. Our acquiring banking partners utilize the latest fraud protection software packages to protect merchants and their customers, including:

  • 3D Secure payment processing
  • Secure sockets layers (SSL)
  • Fraud screening tools
  • Historical Database of fraudulent customers
  • Address verification systems
  • Chargeback mitigation and resources

Additionally, Instabill will match your business with the secure payment gateway of the acquiring banking partner that is the best fit for your business.